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No matter what kind of a cryptocurrency user you are, we’ll bet that the main goal of every crypto-enthusiast is getting a profit.

CEX.IO has plenty of services to benefit from, which can overwhelm someone coming to the platform for the first time. So we decided to put together a short (and sweet) compilation of all the ways you can earn with CEX.IO.

Both newbies and advanced users sometimes focus only on one thing while losing sight of others. …

List of the best Bitcoin alternatives to Buy in 2020

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It’s not a secret that the times of COVID-19 has shocked the entire global economy. Worlds fiat currencies' exchange rate has changed. Small business and private entrepreneurship are suffering, the largest companies of the countries are idling without work. Talking about the cryptocurrencies — the situation is not so bad.

Why so? Everything is just elementary. It is worth noting the fact that cryptocurrencies are always, and despite any conditions, volatile. Consequently, sharp jumps in crypto rates are not so “critical” than in the familiar world of “paper finance”.

Over the past few months, Bitcoin’s, one of the most popular and stable of all generally unstable 😂 cryptocurrencies in the world, price has been rising and falling, like all other financial assets on the planet. …

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How To Act During Up and Down Trends

As it is known, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, which can be considered both like the pros and cons of using crypto as a tool for getting income.

Why? Let me explain.

According to Investopedia Volatility is a statistical measure of the tendency of a market or security to rise or fall sharply within a short period of time.

So, “volatile” is a kind of “unstable” synonym, but many users got used to making “easy and fast money” on such a market.

Many buyers and sellers consider unstable markets to be perfect and favorable conditions for trading. While large market variations can represent an excellent chance to get profit, they can also mean losing a lot of money if you are not prepared enough. …


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PR representative, Content creator, IT-girl blogger, Blockchain & Crypto enthusiast

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